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5 Most crucial reasons why it is important to have a professional invoice template

Whether you’re a newly established small business or want to expand an existing business, having professional small business invoicing software is crucial. Primarily, an invoice is a document containing the list of items, details of quantities per item, and corresponding prices. With an invoice in place, you can keep a record of your business financials.

Traditionally, invoicing was done manually. Today, you have free online invoice software to create comprehensive and professional invoices. Let’s talk about its importance, advantages, and how to make one for your business.

Why an Invoice Is Important

Here are a few reasons why an invoice is important:

1. An invoice equals effective communication

Even your most compliant client seeks proper information on the services rendered. Creating a proper invoice is a great way to inform your clients about all the products and services they provide.

2.Invoices prompt payments

If your business doesn't require upfront payment, the chances are that your client won’t pay you until you don’t send an invoice. To ensure that you get paid on time, send an invoice to your client right after completing the project.

3.Helps when filing taxes

If you’re a small business, you should keep a complete record of your daily business transactions. Invoices offer the best source of data when filing taxes, help carrying out internal audits and help you prevent possible penalties upon failing to satisfy tax collection authorities.

4.Reduce the chances of late payments or payment refusal

It’s easier for small businesses to be tricked by clients. When you have a proper invoice with complete details of the project and agreed terms and payment conditions, it reduces late payments and payment refusal risks.

5. Minimizes human error

Traditionally, small businesses used to create manual invoices. Using free online invoice software for your small businesses, human error expectancy can be controlled significantly.

Advantages of Invoice

When you provide services or products to a client, it’s your right to be paid on time, and you can also set your own payment terms. If you’re a small business, you can use free invoicing software for creating professional invoices.

Below are the advantages of an invoice:

It reminds clients of all the services or products delivered to them

Your client can forget many or few of the products or services delivered. That’s where an invoice helps; it reminds clients of all the products or services rendered. Moreover, it also lets clients know what they are getting for the money they are paying.

It sends a positive message about your business

A professional invoice doesn’t only act as a proper record of financial transactions between your client and your business; it also sends a positive message about your business. It reinforces your brand identity and reflects your high-end professionalism in your dealings.

Enable you to keep track of late and timely payments

If you use professional small business invoicing software, you keep better control over your complete invoicing process. With small business invoicing software, you can determine the quality of financial transactions with a particular customer. When running a small business, it’s important to prioritize clients that pay on time.

What Is The Purpose Of Invoices?

The primary purpose of an invoice is to offer a written record of the sale to the client so a business can get paid.

Bookkeeping & Inventory tracking

When you generate an invoice for your every sale, it serves bookkeeping purposes. With invoices, you can keep a complete financial history of your business, allowing you to determine your cash flow.

When you have sales invoices, you can determine how much inventory you have and how much you’ll need in the future. Invoices serve as powerful inventory tracking tools.

Legal protection

Small businesses can protect their businesses against false lawsuits. It shows that you have done work for a client, and he/she has agreed to pay a certain amount for your products/services.

What Are Invoices In Business?

For businesses, invoices are legally enforceable documents with details of the services or products provided to clients. Invoices have agreed-upon terms and conditions mutually decided between the service provider and the client. As a business, you mention the services or products rendered and the prices and due date of the payment. Invoices are used to request payment from customers.

How Do You Make One With Mr.Biller?

If you’re a small business looking for small business invoicing software, Mr.Biller is a great platform. Let’s learn how you can make a professional invoice with Mr.Biller.

1. Add company details

First of all, you need to mention your company details. When you send an invoice to your client, the first thing they look at is the company details to determine whether it’s coming from a genuine business or not. Make sure to fill in all the sections.

2. Fill out client details

The next step is to mention client details. Make sure to write everything that requires for a professional and complete invoice.

3. Add description, rate, and quantity

After filling out your business details and client details, it’s time to mention the project's details. It includes filling out descriptions of the items, quantities delivered, and corresponding prices of every item or service rendered.

4. Enter tax rate, currency, and discounts if applicable

If the products or services delivered to the clients come under the tax net, then make sure to mention the tax rate against each one of them. Also, mention the currency. Offering discounts to your clients always pays off well. If you can afford to offer discounts, mention it in the invoice, so your client notices it.

5. Add payment instructions and terms in the Notes section

Make sure that payment terms are agreed upon before starting the project. Once you’ve completed the above 4 steps, write payment instructions and terms in the Notes section so the client can view them.

6. Customize your invoice by adding a logo and choosing from more than 10 different design templates

At Mr.Biller, you get to choose from more than 10 professional invoice templates. You can customize your invoice by adding a company logo, making it more professional. Make sure to choose a template, customize it, and use the same template for all clients to ensure consistency.

Final Words

For small businesses, free online invoice software like Mr.Biller can help in streamlining the entire invoicing process. A professional and complete invoice is crucial for your small business as it helps your business in all aspects, including financial, taxation, client satisfaction & retention, and many more. So Mr.Biller is the right option for you!


 An invoice equals effective communication

 Invoices prompt payments

 Helps when filing taxes

 Reduce the chances of late payments or payment refusal

 Minimizes human error


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