The difference between Mr.Biller and Saasu quote creation

Sometimes people don't realise there is a difference between a quote and an invoice, but these are two very different things in the business world. We have recently received a quote from one of our suppliers "surprisingly" they are using Saasu's invoicing software. We have noticed a few vital mistakes on the quote they have provided.

A Quote is usually followed by a PO or Purchase order from the buyer to the seller. An Invoice is a financial document requesting payment for work either completed or in progress. ... So a quote is the seller's offer or price to do the work and the invoice is the document from the seller to the buyer to get paid for the work

  Quotes shouldn’t have an invoice number as seen on the invoice on the right. Mr.Billers quotes won’t have an invoice number until you convert it to an invoice.(shown in blue box)
 A due date is also not necessary as this is not an invoice but a quote (shown in blue box)
  On the right invoice it shows the amount paid. (shown in blue box) This should not be shown as no amount has been paid or needs to be paid. Mr.Billers quotes will show an amount due which will be the amount the client will need to pay should they accept the quote
  The quote should also have clear details on the business the quote has been received from. With Mr.Biller, you are able to clearly see the business details on the top left corner so clients know where to call or visit should they accept the quote.
  On Mr.Biller quotes you are also able to clearly see the client details unlike the quote on the right where the information is barely visible in the top left corner.
  Mr.Biller quotes will provide all necessary information for your clients and notes can be added should anything further information be needed.
Mr.Biller quote

Mr.Biller quote

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