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Steve Smith bagged a $100,000 startup investment and turned it into $12 Million Dollars

Cricketer Steve Smith turned a $100,000 investment made three years ago into a $12 Million Dollar success

$100,000 startup investment and turned it into $12 Million Dollars

Australian cricketer Steve Smith has invested $100,000 into a local Australia start-up and this investment is now worth $12 million dollars. The company has doubled its revenue in three years and more than 200,000 customers have purchased their product.

Mr Biller is also a start-up company that started in Auchenflower, Brisbane in a small 10 x 10 room and now thousands of people are using this service worldwide. Mr Biller is also a great platform for early investors. If you have any questions about this service and using it with your start-up, you can contact our friendly team and we will help out with whatever we can.

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