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Jane Rushton Life Strategy Coach

Jane loves showing her clients and readers how to discover more happiness with her easy formula (MIND TRICKS 5 KEY STEPS) that she and many others use daily to be the best they can be and enjoy each d

Mind Tricks by Jane Rushton

Jane Rushton is an International Speaker successful Author, MIND TRICKS Coach, Spiritual Healer, Pilates and Gym Instructor, Qi gong teacher and the Founder and President of International Netball Festival Inc and Director of two companies, she has been an entrepreneur since the age of twenty-four.

After having a brief conversation with her, we highly recommend her work and encourage anyone that is looking to energize or reinvent their potential to look at her work and what she has to offer. She currently has a new book and you can download a chapter for free on her website. Mr Biller wishes her all the best.

Visit her website -

Areas of Expertise : life coaching
Opening hours : n/a
Accreditation : life coaching

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