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Thanks to Bundy Skip Bins - Bundaberg

Bundy Skip Bins is all about local service. Providing timely service to the local community in recycling and waste collection.

Thanks to Bundy Skip Bins - Bundaberg
One of our teammates used the service from Bundy Skip bins and was amazed by their prompt service and their pocket-friendly price. They work closely with the local Bundaberg regional council. Keeping Bundaberg rubbish free is their focus. Bundy Skip Bins is
Bundaberg's only local and large rubbish removalists. Highly recommended!

Call Bundy Skip Bins for a friendly quote with competitive prices, they have large size skip bins for:
-General waste
-Green waste
-Clean fill
-Agricultural plastic and
-Trickle tape

Contact: +61 428988093

Areas of Expertise : Recycling rubbish and waste collection
Opening hours : N/A
Accreditation : Recycling rubbish and waste collection

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